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16 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. How did I miss following your space? You’ve a wonderful collection of recipes… And believe me, I’m going to alter your recipes a bit and make them vegetarian as I loved the ideas and tricks you apply!!! ❤ Very happy to connect with you… 🙂

  2. Prudy – your posts are not showing up in my reader. I just tried unfollowing you and then following you again – but they are still not there. The last post I can see is 14 September. Am I doing something wrong?! xo

    • Oh geez, Lindy. I thought for sure that they fixed it. Let me contact them today. I’ve noticed that I’ve gone from 30+ comments to 10-15. I thought maybe people were mad at me! Maybe they’re not seeing my posts.. Thank you love… We will get it figured out! ❤️

      So you can’t see any posts after 14 September?

      • Yes Prudy – I just checked again. When I click on your blog link – the Blackberry Hopper post comes up as the most recent post. A couple of days ago – my reader was full of comments on your blog – so I un-followed and then re-followed to see if that was the issue. Nope. Now there is nothing from you in my reader at all and when I click on your blog – I see that beautiful blackberry drink! So odd. But odd things happen to me all the time – so perhaps it’s just me! xo

  3. Hi Prudy, After reading Lindy’s comment, I know something is definitely wrong with your blog as I can’t see anything on your blog since the Sept. l4th post as well. I thought you might be taking a break from blogging.

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