Eat Your Peas and Carrots!

I’ve been sitting here, staring at an empty white page for about an hour or so. Mike is sitting here with me. Sophie is lying at our feet.

“What can one possibly write about peas and carrots?” I ask the both of them.
“I have no idea. Why would you even want to?” Mike replies.
Sophie just looks at me.

It’s quite obvious that neither one of them really cares.

Mike looks at Sophie, and Sophie looks at Mike…
“I know baby, I’m scared too…” he says to her.
“What have we done lately that’s story worthy?” I ask him.
“Nothing. We suck.” He replies.

So, we haven’t done a thing lately.
I guess I have to fix that.
You know… so we don’t “suck” anymore.

IMG_1849So, forget Mike and Sophie.  They don’t like peas and carrots anyway….

I do have one question for you. It has nothing to do with peas and carrots. It’s one that I heard on the radio on the way to pick up my CSA box this afternoon.

Which would you choose?
A red pill that would make you fluent in every single language in the world…
A blue pill that would make you the master of every single instrument in the world…

While it would be awesome to know how to play every single instrument in the world, I would absolutely love to be fluent in every language in the world! I mean, how cool would that be? I could talk about peas and carrots in any language I wanted!

…and I still wouldn’t know what to say about peas and carrots, no matter what language I spoke!

Which pill would you choose?  Know how to play all instruments?  Or fluent in every language?


Seriously though, I’ve received these gorgeous carrots for the last three weeks in my CSA box from Becker Farms (in Gasport, NY), and for the last two weeks, these beautiful peas. I’ve gotten into the habit of grilling the carrots, simply rubbed with olive oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. I like to do a quick sauté of peas with scallions, garlic, parsley, lemon and butter, and then serve the peas over the carrots.

While this is a great side dish, it’s also a wonderful meal in itself! There is no doubt that peas and carrots have had a wonderful relationship for years now, and the lemon with the scallions truly complement them both. It’s quick, it’s easy, and a wonderful summertime meal..served fresh off the grill, or served cold. It’s delicious either way!


I’m taking this dish to share with my friends at Angie’s Fiesta Friday. This week, Angie has asked Indu, from Indu’s International Kitchen, Selma, from Selma’s Table, and Hilda, from Along the Grapevine to co-host! Oh yeah, this is going to be a great time! Thanks to Indu, Selma, and Hilda for co-hosting! And thanks to Angie from The Novice Gardener for hosting this wonderful party for the 24th week in a row! I hope you stop by the party to see what all of the talented people have shared this week! If you’re new to Fiesta Friday, it’s a great way to meet other bloggers, and to gain exposure. You will love this wonderful blogging community…everyone is so friendly, you’ll feel like you’ve known us all for years!


And now, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of wonderful people who are new to the blogging world…

Emily from The Burlap Kitchen has been blogging since around February this year. She is a delightful person, who really knows what she’s doing in her kitchen! I am so happy she stumbled across my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have the pleasure of watching her blog grow, and grow it shall, as this girl is going places!

Tina from Miss Wu Kitchen is very new to blogging. This is how small a world it truly is… I used to work with her husband! I was so thrilled to hear that she had started a blog, that I went right away to see what she was up to! Her blog has a wonderful start with some deliciously gorgeous cupcakes, and I look forward to getting to know her!

I hope that you stop by to visit them… I know that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Life is good. It’s a “why do you even want to talk about peas and carrots anyway?” “Because they’re delicious, that’s why…” kind of good..


Peas and Carrots
Serves 2

One bunch fresh carrots, with the greens trimmed
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1 quart fresh pea pods
2 scallions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
Juice of one lemon
2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
1 tsp crushed red pepper
3 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh parsley for garnish

Clean and trim the carrots. Generously rub with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Place over low heat on the grill, and grill until browned.

In a large frying pan, melt the butter with the lemon juice. Add the scallions, garlic, and crushed red pepper. Sauté for about three minutes or so. Add the peas and parsley, and sauté until tender, about five minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Spoon over the grilled carrots.

Garnish with fresh parsley, and serve warm or cold.