My Request… Update!!

What a success this was! Thank you to my lovely friends who sent cards, or reflagged to help little Danny receive over 8,500 cards and over 900 packages from all over the world…


Here is what his mom said:
“Todays total rough count was a little over 8500 cards and 900 packages!!! We filled the uhaul completely up! And then filled 3 cars too!” the family posted on Facebook this week. “We are in awe of all of this, we are speechless and dont have enough words to explain how thankful we are for everyone of you! And all the love that you have shown us and continue to show us!”

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

There is no recipe tonight…. just a simple request.

I cannot tell you how much all of the love and support that you gave to Mike and me…after I told you about his illness… meant to me. While I’m not surprised, because over these last few months, I’ve come to know that there are so many, many good people in this world…I am deeply touched by the kindness that you showed to the both of us.

I know that many of you are moms too, so I know you feel what I feel. I would give my son anything that would make him happy (within reason…I’m not buying him that $30K truck that he wants!).

Like I told you, we are blessed. Michael has the disease, but it’s manageable. He can live a long life.

Last night, I was watching the news…and there was a short segment about a little boy in Foxboro, Massachusetts who has inoperable brain cancer. My heart went out to his parents and his family.


Little Danny Nickerson has one simple request. This coming Friday, July 25th, he will turn 6 years old. His request? To receive birthday cards.

That’s all he wants.
Birthday cards.
And that’s what his mom is doing for him.
Requesting birthday cards for her little boy, because he gets lonely.

I thought…How easy is that? I can send him a birthday card. But then I thought… what if I posted this…and maybe helped to get him a few more cards?

So my request is simple.. I wish that you might consider this beautiful little boy, and help to make his wish come true by sending him a birthday card.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make it there by Friday…I’m sure he would be delighted if he continued to receive them for the next few weeks!

Here is the address:
Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035

Life is good…. but….Sometimes life is hard…but with the love and support from others…it might make it a little more manageable.

Thank you so much for your kindness…and your consideration.

My prayers and love go out to Danny and his family.

And my prayers and love go out to you.

You can find the request on WGRZ Channel 2’s Facebook Page (Buffalo, NY).

76 thoughts on “My Request… Update!!

  1. Prudy how wonderful that you posted this and of course I will go out and get a card tomorrow and send to him. I will re blog this on my blog so maybe he will get more and tweet also. Lets give that little boy a lot of virtual hugs by sending him cards.

  2. I will send him a card , and let him know that I share that day with him…Thank you Prudence, I’d like to do something nice for someone

  3. Bless you for being the kind of person who brings attention to something like this, Prudy. People like you just make the world a better place.

    I’ll definitely be sending Danny a birthday card. Thank you for helping me be apart of this 🙂

  4. Beautiful post… brought tears to my eyes, as did the one about your son Mike, which I just read a few minutes ago. I am kicking myself for not checking that post sooner. Not quite sure how I could have missed it…

    am I forgiven????

    • My goodness.. My beautiful Sally… We are bloggers. As much as we want to, it’s so difficult to reach every blog, every post! That is something I struggle with… I wish I could visit everyone everyday!! There is nothing to forgive! ❤️. Thank you so much… Much love to you..

  5. Thank you for sharing this story, Prudy.
    I put my card in the mail already. I sent out
    A “tweet” with the story and info and I emailed
    All my friends asking them to do the same.
    🙂 Lisa

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  7. I make a lot of children’s cards because my friends all have young kids. I will send off everything I have first thing in the morning! Such a great idea to spread the love. xx

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us, my heart goes out to him and his family, what a beautiful little boy. I’ll make a card and send it to him too…it won’t be there by Friday sadly so I’m glad you said he won’t kind getting them for a few weeks ☺️ hopefully they will realise why when they see it’s from the UK xx lots of love to you, Prudy, you gorgeous soul xx

  9. Prudy, you are such a deeply kind woman to bring this to our attention, and reading all of the responses here just makes me realize what a wonderful blogging community we are all a part of. I will send off a card tomorrow. Thank-you for all that you do.

  10. A simple request, but so compelling and inspirational, Prudy. You are commendable for doing this. Shows how big-hearted you are, but I already knew that about you for some time now. Will do as requested. That little boy is so precious! ❤

  11. You are just the biggest sweetheart! Before writing this reponse I wrote Danny a card. I am sure it will not arrive in time for his birthday, but I am sure receiving a card all the way from the Netherlands makes up for that. What a touching story – sad and beautiful!

      • It is so beautiful to see what kindness we are all capable of. This is one of these situations were you can feel that giving and receiving are the same thing. Thank you so much for spreading the word and giving Danny this gift…giving me this gift…giving so many this gift 🙂 A big warm loving hug to you all the way from the Netherlands!

  12. Oh Prudy this is too lovely. I wish that I had seen this story earlier, I would have sent him a card from Australia! Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story. It’s amazing how the simplest actions can make such a big difference to a person’s life.

  13. Bless you and your big beautiful heart! I’m a little late for his birthday but you can bet I will be sending a little “unbirthday” note to keep the positive feelings alive! Thank you so much for drawing attention to this very deserving little boy and his family.

    • Oh thank you so much Sarah!! I was watching the news last night, and they gave us an update…. he has received over 100,000 cards, and I can’t remember how many packages, but it’s over a 1000!! I’m so thrilled for him…and for his family. It’s just so comforting to know that we do live in a world that is made up of more good, than bad people. The response of love is overwhelming. ❤

  14. Just seeing this now, but will send a card tomorrow. You’re right…it’s better if they continue to trickle…hopefully until his next birthday and on and on…

    • Thank you so much CC! I know that he will appreciate that..he actually made national news, and on there, his parents said how overwhelmed they were from the kindness of so many people from all over the world. I believe that they said he is up to over 100,000 cards now! It makes me happy to know we live in a world that is so compassionate and loving. ❤

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