Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

My plan for today’s post was to talk about my smoking adventures…(No silly…. Not of the nicotine or cannabis kind!)… but I received an email telling me that today is National Egg Day, so I have switched gears mid-flight, and we will talk about smoking another day…

egg-1-4So instead, let’s talk about deviled eggs for a few minutes. I’m a deviled egg girl. I love them. You can skip the egg salad sandwich, just serve me a couple of classic deviled eggs, and I’m in heaven. Throw a green olive on top, and I’ll probably ask you to marry me!

I think it was about 15 years ago when I first tried “flavored” deviled eggs. One of my co-workers brought some eggs in for a work party, and she had prepared them with salsa. I think that’s when I made my first marriage proposal…and she let me down easy…letting me know that it just wouldn’t work out as we were both already married…and I was letting her salsa deviled eggs rule my heart…

She was right of course…and for many, many reasons, it wouldn’t have worked out. It seems that I tend to let food rule my heart…and I have offered many proposals of marriage**…only to be let down time and time again…but that’s ok, because the proposals are always made while I’m lost in the throes of food!

**Disclaimer: My proposals of marriage are always in fun, and I have absolutely no intention of marrying anyone!!

egg-1-2Not too long ago, I was at the Griffin GastroPub in Niagara Falls with my friends for dinner, and on their appetizer menu, they had Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs. Hmmm…. Even I, the girl who loves a gazillion flavors going on at once, was a little hesitant, wondering how that would even taste. But my hesitation was fleeting, and I ordered them.

Holy Smokes.
I didn’t know who to ask to marry me.
The waitress?
The chef?
The owner of the restaurant?
Could I ask all three, and if I did….if three is a crowd, what would four of us be?
That was way too much to process while I was trying to enjoy the eggs…

egg-1-3The marriage proposal was quickly forgotten…because as I was eating the eggs, I was studying, examining, and considering every ingredient in them. I knew that I’d be trying to recreate them at home. And…I did. And…they are delicious.

This is such a great recipe. They’re perfect to take to parties as a finger food, grab a couple for lunch in place of a sandwich, or put them on the table with some chips (Homemade!) to go with your hot dog or burger! The beauty of this recipe is that you can make these so quick and so very easily…shred up a rotisserie chicken that you can purchase fully cooked at the store…boil up a few eggs, mix them with mayonnaise, hot sauce, and blue cheese… chop a little parsley, or cilantro (if you’re brave enough) for a little garnish… and boom, you have a great little deviled egg to share, or keep for yourself (I prefer the latter!).

And then sit back, and wait for the marriage proposals to start coming in…

Life is good… it’s a “Deviled eggs make me feel really devilish” kind of good…


Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs
Makes One Dozen, or 24 Halves

1 dozen hard boiled eggs
1/2 to 3/4 cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp yellow mustard
3/4 cup shredded or chopped cooked chicken (rotisserie chickens work perfectly!)
1/4 cup hot sauce
4 tbsp finely chopped celery
3 tbsp crumbled blue cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Chopped parsley or cilantro for garnish
Finely chopped celery for garnish
Reserve about 4 tbsp of chicken for garnish
Crumbled blue cheese for garnish
Hot sauce for garnish

Mix the chicken and hot sauce together in a small bowl.  Set aside.

Carefully slice the eggs in half lengthwise, and remove the yolk to a medium size bowl. Set the egg halves aside.  To the bowl of yolks, add the mayonnaise and mustard. Mix with a hand mixer until light and fluffy. Add the chicken mixture, celery, and blue cheese, and stir by hand until fully mixed in. Add salt and pepper to taste.

To assemble the eggs, using a cooking scoop, add one scoop of yolk mixture to each egg white half.

Sprinkle droplets of hot sauce over each egg. Sprinkle celery, more chicken, blue cheese and parsley (or cilantro) for garnish. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

Serve chilled. Enjoy!


75 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

  1. You really have taken the old devilled eggs to a new level. Really looking forward to your smoking posts as I am just now trying to buy a smoker and thinking of what I can smoke. I’m sure I will find your experience useful.

  2. I really love reading your marriage proposals, Prudy. And I think you can marry the owner and the chef. 😀

    These Buffalo Chicken Deviled eggs are really amazing and I understand you do you want to marry everyone. 😀

  3. Just reading this and I am ready to marry YOU!! This is also great for a low carb snack – I am cooking for a couple of friends who are starting on a low carb diet (in anticipation of a big gay wedding in February in Cape Town – nothing else is being talked about!!) Will have to add to the list and see if they like the sound of it as much as I do! Gorgeous photos Prudy!!

      • It would be a fab wedding, all about the food of course!! I’ve just finished cooking for them for this week – first time so I hope they like everything. It’s a learning curve for us all. Will let you know about the eggs…

    • Thanks so much Mr Fitz! To be honest, I think you could get away with sour cream with this dish.. the sour cream would give it that creaminess that it needs for the filling, and a lovely tang to go with the chicken and blue cheese. Now that I’m thinking about it, I might just try it like that the next time I make these! 🙂 I’m glad you asked!

  4. As you might remember from Easter, I am a big fan of the “deviled” egg too. I have to say, it is pretty great to have the chicken AND the egg; of course in this recipe, the old adage of “which came first, the chicken or the…” Could still be argued.

  5. Oh Prudy, you devil you…teasing me with these delectable looking eggs! I’ve just recently ventured into the world of flavored deviled eggs and these look perfect! It sounds like the perfect marriage of ingredients all bundled together! I would love one, or two, or…a plate of these now. 🙂

  6. I love deviled eggs, Prudy, and this recipe looks scrumptious! You can usually find me in front of the deviled eggs platter at parties, and when I make them, I like to make little sailboats of them floating in blue jello with cheddar cheese sails. 🙂

      • I can just picture the devil sitting on on shoulder, and a little angel sitting on your other shoulder… apparently the devil is a little louder at this point… it happens to me all the time! If you make them, let me know what you think!
        I am good. I hope you are good too. I’m guessing still crazy busy.. only leading up to full blown CRAZY BUSY!! ❤ xoxo

    • Jessica..at first I was going to say… you really need to try these Buffalo Chicken deviled eggs, before I realized that you said you’ve never tried deviled eggs!! Like in never tried just plain deviled eggs? I really hope you try regular deviled eggs first… you need to experience them… they’re creamy, with just a little bit of tang from the mustard… and so delicious! Throw a green olive on top if you choose.. Then try the Buffalo Chicken flavored! You’ll love them! (I hope!!) 🙂

  7. I’m going riding Sunday, guess what I volunteered to make ?…Its amazing the two different tastes one chicken can make….wondering what a cow egg would taste like..if cows layed eggs

    • Thank you Nancy! You know, it’s funny…I always thought of deviled eggs to be a guy thing… but I’m so happy to see that there are so many women who love them too! (Don’t ask me why I thought they were a guy thing…I have no clue. It’s just one of those mental image things, i guess!)

  8. There is so much deliciousness all in all place here! The food looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of eggs, cooked every which way. And I’m now scratching my head as to whether I’ve ever had flavored deviled eggs before. I’ve seen many but now that I think about it, I might not have actually eaten any! Buffalo-chicken style is totally my speed. I’d love to try this. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Monica!! I hope that you do get the chance to try flavored deviled eggs sometime! I do love the original version too…but once in a while it’s so nice to try something different! Thanks so much for stopping by…I’m so happy you did, and I look forward to catching up with you! 🙂

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  11. I love it when you can try something at a restaurant and remake it at home and it comes out just as good or better. I, too, am a deviled egg lover, so when I saw these on Tuesday’s Table I had to stops by. Now I’m hoping you’ll bring it over to my recipe link party The Yuck Stops Here. You can find us this week anytime after 8pm ET tonight at Hot Momma’s Kitchen Chaos (mommasangelbaby (dot) com). Hope to see you there! HUGS

    • I’m so sorry…I just found this message in my spam folder!! I need to start checking that more regularly… Thank you so much…I’m so happy you stopped by, and I’m thrilled for the invite to The Yuck Stops Here! I’ll definitely swing by this week.. is it on Fridays? 🙂

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