Wine Jello Shots with Strawberries | Fiesta Friday #15!


There is a restaurant in Buffalo that is the epitome of gaudy, especially at Christmastime. Seriously. If you looked the word “gaudy” up in the dictionary, you’d see the photos of these places as the definition.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m not using the word “gaudy” in a bad way. I just mean, it’s not my style, which is why I call it gaudy, but I guess in reality, it’s quite grandeur…unless you’re me, then it’s gaudy…but that doesn’t stop me from dining there!

The owner has his vintage cars on display outside of the restaurant behind glass. There are statues everywhere. I’m sure that there are fountains, but there is so much to take in, you just cannot remember everything that is there. The owner actually has requested permission from the city to build a mausoleum in front of his restaurant so that he can be buried there when his time here on earth has ended. You know.. His demise. When he kicks the bucket. Croaks.

And honestly? I wouldn’t be surprised to find a wax figure of him standing inside the restaurant someday after “that” happens.  Let’s just pray that it’s a wax figure…Shudders…

You’re probably wondering if the food is good. Yes. It is. But it isn’t memorable, and I blame that on the showcase that he has going on there. I know I enjoy the food when I’m eating it, but the only memory that lingers on after we leave is the over the top display.


So, I’ve been waiting all week for Fiesta Friday to get here. I had these delusions of grandeur to make jello shots to share with you. Yep. I used them both in the same sentence… grandeur and jello shots!

Lily Tomlin once said: “Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself”… which for me, was my perfect excuse to get away with making jello shots for Fiesta Friday…. But really, is it the delusions of grandeur that make me feel better about myself, or am I so delusional to think that I can get away with grandeur and jello shots in the same sentence??

I don’t need to be delusional to know that jello shots can be sophisticated…

When I mentioned jello shots for my blog to Katie, she was like “Mom, that seems a little trashy…” …and I asked: “What if I made them sophisticated?” She kind of laughed: “Jello shots sophisticated? I don’t know about that…” And after I explained to her what I had in mind, she replied: “Challenge accepted..”

I know that this type of dessert has been around for ages. I also know that this particular one has probably been made a thousand different ways. I always choose to not search the internet for recipes like this…I’d rather do it on my own.


In my mind, a pretty jello shot made from wine, with some of that sour cream filling from seven layer jello dessert. I thought that it would be pretty to top it off with more fruit, whipped cream, and then a fanned strawberry.

To be honest with you, I’ve never had a jello shot in my life! These little wine shots were my first, and definitely not my last.

They are so delicious! As a matter of fact, Jessica was walking through the kitchen, and I handed one to her to try. She made that involuntary “Mmmm” sound.. so I grabbed a spoon and took a bite from her glass… Oh yeah.. It really was “Mmmm” worthy!! When I went to grab another spoonful, she pulled her glass protectively toward her, and said “Get your own!!”. Right then and there I knew that it was a winner.

The problem was, that they were gaudy. Like that restaurant’s gaudy. Even though I love a million flavors going on at the same time… there was just way too much going on cosmetically (See the photo below).  I was so uncomfortable with they way they looked. I didn’t like the fruit in the jello part. While I loved the taste of the sour cream filling with the wine jello, I didn’t like the way it looked with this particular wine jello shot. That’s not to say that it will never be used again, because there are more wine jello shots in the future now! The whipped cream look ok, but that fanned strawberry? Oh Prudence… that’s so 1995… I did, however, like the fruit on top.


There is really nothing about me that is gaudy. You won’t find chandeliers in my house, or brocade designs, or even gilded vases. I’m more of a simple kind of girl. Simple to me is tasteful. But that is me. Simple. It shouldn’t be any different with the food that I prepare. I mean, “simple” IS my tagline.


So, I went back to work, and made a very simple jello wine shot, one that would be memorable for it’s taste alone… not for the way that it looked.

Wine and strawberries. Perfect.
Simple Sophistication.

I also want to mention the wonderful grapey scent that just wafts from them.. it’s just another one of those “close your eyes and savor the moment” kind of thing…you know…that happy place we all love to be…

I’m so pleased with these little wine jello shots. This is a dessert that I would happily serve to all of you… my most honored guests. Which is why I’m bringing this simple wine jello shot to Angie’s Fiesta Friday…


This week Angie has asked Jhuls from The Not So Creative Cook (she is complete opposite of her blog’s name!!), and Selma, from Selma’s Table to host Fiesta Friday #15! I adore both of these girls… they bring the most beautiful recipes to the table week after week… along with wonderful stories that always make me smile. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love them as much as I do… especially Selma’s Asparagus and Feta Cigars (I know, right?) Fabulous, Creative, and so Delicious!! Jhuls brought the most delicious muffins I’ve ever seen… and you have to read her post. It’s the cutest thing, guaranteed to bring some sunshine to your day!


And Angie…what can I say about Angie that most of you don’t already know? This lady unselfishly gives herself, her time, and her blog, The Novice Gardener (Novice…hardly)…to us every week for Fiesta Friday… and on top of that, creates the most beautiful works of culinary art that we have ever seen.

I hope that if you are new to reading my blog, that you’ll stop by Fiesta Friday to meet Angie, Jhuls, and Selma…and all of the other wonderful bloggers who have given their time to share their beautiful ideas with you. If you are a blogger…you are most welcome to link up with us, and join this wonderful community of the most supportive and loving bloggers…I just know that Angie would welcome you with open arms!

Life is good, it’s the “simple things that make you happy” kind of good…


Wine Jello Shots with Strawberries

Just a quick note: This is so easy, very few ingredients, and so simple to make… but yet, it’s dessert that will really “wow!!” your guests! It’s also a perfect refreshing snack for a warm summer’s evening… feet up, relaxed mode, watching the fireflies work their magic…

I used six 7oz mini dessert cups for this recipe. I found them on Amazon, and they’re called Circleware “Samba”.

2 cups sweet white wine (or red, your preference)
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
2- 1oz envelopes unflavored gelatin

1 quart fresh strawberries (or your fruit of choice)
1 tbsp granulated sugar

Whipped Cream (Optional)

In a small saucepan, bring the 2 cups of wine and sugar to a boil, until the sugar has dissolved. Shut the heat off, and whisk the two envelopes of unflavored gelatin into the wine until it is completely dissolved. Pour 1/3 cup of the wine mixture into each cup. There will be a little leftover in the pan, and you can just divide it among the six cups.

Chill in the refrigerator for an hour or two.

While the wine is chilling, cut the strawberries into small bite size pieces. Mix with the sugar. Refrigerate until ready to use.

When the wine is set into gelatin, and just before you are ready to serve, spoon the strawberries over the wine jello, and if you desire, top with whipped cream.

That’s it!! Simple!! Enjoy!!



61 thoughts on “Wine Jello Shots with Strawberries | Fiesta Friday #15!

  1. That does sound delicious. My favourite desserts have either fruit or alcohol in them – with both, this is a winner for me. I’ve never made jellied wine before, but you have inspired me to try.

  2. I don’t like gaudy, either, except for Christmas. Then the more lights the better, haha… Having said that, I don’t think your jello shots with the fanned strawberries look gaudy, just a lot going on…lol, I guess that’s the same as gaudy, and I guess I don’t really mind it. Some gaudy I can take. You did see my momofuku cake, didn’t you?You made the right call in the end. I’d go with the simpler ones, too.

  3. Pingback: Fiesta Friday #15 | The Novice Gardener

  4. I think you jello shots/parfait’s are beautiful, wine jello sounds really great to me and adding the fruit and whipped cream makes a very lovely and sophisticated light dessert, Really well done Prudy, love it!

  5. ~Wow~ I want these right now! Or perhaps as a treat for Mother’s Day! I had to laugh when I first saw the word “jello shots” though, but so different from what I’d imagined them to be. This is pure sophistication in a glass, what better way to eat strawberries and chilled wine together! Happy Mother’s Day! Yummmmmmm

  6. Oh wow! Did you call it gaudy? From where? And if you call me in-numerous times? Simple simple simple as in simply ;))). BBB, life is good with that kinda dessert! Gorgeous clicks and more than gorgeous, larger than life dessert :).
    Cheers to those Jell-O shots!

  7. Tis the season to display anything with fruits, summer ..for some reason fruits and winter don’t least not for me…alcohol well tis the season… looks great Prudence.. and my experience at Salvatores is this..we were working at an unnamed distribution center …not your favorite grocery chain, and I was invited out to dinner by the president and v.p. of my company. I broke my glasses at work and couldn’t see a darn thing…but through the blur of my affliction… I too could see “Gaudy”…and indeed the food was excellent..!!

  8. Well, these are far from the “trashy” jello shots I met once upon a time. These look like “classy” jello shots I’d love to meet tonight! Delicious. 🙂 Gaudy or simple…they both look good to me!

  9. Yum! Not such a common dessert over here, I don’t think – more likely to be viewed with suspicion… But I love proper, tasty jelly, especially when it features alcohol!

  10. Hi Prudy – Love how you tied in Salvatore’s (a mausoleum – really?) with your pared down and elegant dessert! Beautiful photos too…I’ve never made or tried jello shots but after your daughter’s reaction think that this must change and soon! Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for the lovely write up! Enjoy the party!!

  11. Finally, I’m here at BBB (is this your new shortcut?), Prudy! Selma and Angie might tie me up somewhere. They think I am having a sugar rush! 😀

    I am also waiting every single day for FF to come. It’s my favorite day now.

    And now to these pretty treats… Like Selma, I have not tried jello shots. But this looks good to me. Thank you for bringing these to FF15. I am sure party goers had taken so much jello shots. 😀

    Have a lovely weekend, Prudy! ❤

    • Thanks so much Jhuls!! I think it is my new shortcut… everyone seems to have started calling me BBB and I’m totally ok with that! Sugar rush’s are fun!
      FF are my favorite days too! I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, and start posting again..
      I hope that you get to try these soon… I think you’d really like them! You have a lovely weekend too.. ❤ xoxo

  12. “So 1995…”? You are hilarious, but I tend to agree, I like the simple version better! This is a perfect and simple summer dessert. (Never had a Jell-O shot? I still think you need to remedy that…just sayin’.)

  13. Ooh these look yummy and well done on making jelly shots sophisticated, I never thought I’d see the day (I have to say jelly, the brit in me won’t let me say jello haha). I almost want to visit Salvatore’s after your description, I would definitely like to see Gordon Ramsay visit it!

  14. These look like so much fun, Prudy, and elegant to boot. Not gaudy at all! Simple and refreshing…my kind of summertime dessert or snack. You’ve upped the ante on jello shots for us all now. 🙂

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