Popcorn: Our Favorite Three… And Fiesta Friday #14!!

It’s Fiesta Friday at Angie’s The Novice Gardner… and I’d like to bring popcorn this week to share with all of my friends there.


Popcorn? You ask looking at me a bit skeptically…maybe as if I have lost my mind…
YES!! I wholeheartedly reply, knowing full well that you’re thinking that I lost my mind!!


Read on…

Did you know that popcorn has been around for thousands of years? It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, but it did. I guess I never really thought about people 4000 years ago not only eating popcorn…but popping it!

Corn, yes. But popcorn?? No.

From what I’ve read about popcorn, it wasn’t considered a snack food… (and that made me wonder if they even had snack foods 4000 years ago)…but archeologists believe that the kernels were popped on a hot stone; and then ground up into a fine powder, and mixed with water.. my guess it was used to make bread and/or grits.

In colonial times, it was popped, and then served for breakfast with cream and sugar (corn pops?). Even Christopher Columbus jumped on the popcorn train when he wrote about the Native Americans making headdresses and corsages, not only for rituals, but they also sold them to Columbus’ sailors!

I could just see me wearing a popcorn headdress…

Prudy!! Stop eating your headdress!
She’s pouring butter on her head!!!
Prudy!!! Quit pouring butter on your head!!!
Would somebody PLEASE get that headdress away from that girl before she eats the whole thing?!!
Oh man, she’s got the salt!!
Prudy!!!! Drop the salt!!
For the love of God, GET THE SALT AWAY FROM HER!!!!!…”

It would not be pretty.

I joke, but I’m certain that the rituals were of most importance and religious, and very important to the tribes. Because they used popcorn to make the headdresses, it makes me wonder if there was some sort of meaning behind it. My guess is yes. Maybe it was for a Harvest type of ritual.

Apparently I could talk about that stuff all day… but that’s because I’m kind of nerdy, and I’m totally into the history of things…


But this is about the popcorn..Today’s popcorn..

Katie’s boyfriend Ryan works at Freedom Run Winery on the Niagara Wine Trail…and last summer he came up with the best idea… he started doing a movie night on Friday nights. Imagine this… a warm summer evening, a quirky movie, and a quirky drink to go with the movie…all outside in a bistro setting.


photo 3

I can’t tell you how happy and relaxed I am on those evenings, which is exactly why I wanted to share this with you today……And….while I enjoy the silly movie and the funky drink… the thing that I look forward to the most is the popcorn.

Yep, the popcorn.
Maple and Brown Sugar Bacon Popcorn, to be exact.
I’m hooked…
Head over heels…


And that’s why Ryan was there the other night…to show me how to make his popcorn, so that I could share it with you. A special thank you to Ryan and Katie for spending that evening with me… I had so much fun, even if I had to cook thousand pounds of bacon… I just love the both of you!

And..in my true fashion… as I was gathering the ingredients necessary for the maple and brown sugar popcorn, we started brainstorming… what other flavors could we come up with? The list was endless, and there are a ton that we wanted to do (and we plan to in the near future), but we had to narrow it down to three for this post.

Our favorite three.


The first flavor we came up with is Cranberry Relish. Popcorn cooked in coconut oil, mixed with cranberry and walnut butter, and drizzled in blood orange olive oil. Totally out of this world…totally delicious! You need to try this. You really do.


The next flavor that we came up with is S’Mores. Popcorn cooked in vegetable oil, drizzled with chocolate, and topped off with graham cracker crumbs and crunchy marshmallows. Crazy good. Seriously. Crazy good..You won’t look at S’Mores the same way ever again. I promise you.


And my personal favorite… Maple and Brown Sugar Bacon. This stuff is so good, I guarantee that you won’t be able to stop eating it once you start! Cooked in bacon grease, vegetable oil, and brown sugar, it is then mixed with chunks of bacon and maple syrup. It’s crunchy, it’s sticky, it’s smoky, it’s sweet.. it’s fabulous!

So now all you need to do is gather some friends, and set up a movie night in your backyard! Serve these popcorns with a drink that goes with the movie! It’s just a relaxing and happy evening, with wonderful friends and great food!

But today, I’d love for you to join us at Fiesta Friday, because I know that you would love all of the great recipes and ideas that these wonderful bloggers share as much as I do! Thank you to Saucy Gander from Adventures in the Kitchen, and Johnny from Flours n Dainty Buns for hosting the party this week! Saucy, who is one classy chick, lives in Sydney, so she got the party started yesterday for us with her beautiful Chana Masala which looks absolutely delicious… (I think it was Friday, or pretty close to Friday for her!) And Johnny… so sophisticated, yet funny and quirky…you’ll immediately fall in love with him and his outstanding recipes! I’m excited that they’re hosting together… the perfect pairing if you ask me!

If you’re a blogger, and this is the first that you’ve heard of Fiesta Friday, I’d love for you to join us!  Just click on the link to the right, and follow the directions to link up to the party!  You will absolutely love Angie, her recipes are just spectacular, I can promise they are nothing like you’ve ever seen before…  and that girl always has something fun up her sleeve!

Life is good…it’s a “ movies on a hot summer night, funky drinks, and maple bacon popcorn…sharing with all of my friends on Fiesta Friday” kind of good.


Popcorn: Our Favorite Three

Just a quick note: Ryan said that the first batch of popcorn always tastes stale, so he usually doesn’t use that first batch..I guess you can call it “seasoning the pan” with the first batch, because he was absolutely right. It did taste stale, but the second batch of popcorn tasted sweet and perfect!

So, my suggestion to you, is to discard the first batch of plain popcorn…and use the second batch to make these recipes. It’s not a huge loss..doesn’t cost that much…it’s just one extra step, but worth it.

Plain Popcorn
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
Salt & Pepper

Heat vegetable oil in a large heavy pan (I used a 4 quart pan, and of course, one that has a lid!) over medium heat. Place 2 popcorn kernels in the oil, and cover. When the two popcorn kernels have popped, immediately pour the popcorn into the heated oil and cover the pan. Holding the lid tightly on the pan, remove the pan periodically from the heat and shake it up so that the unpopped kernels fall to the bottom of the pan to heat and pop.

When the popping is finished, uncover the pan, and pour the popcorn into a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper (or just salt).


Cranberry Relish Popcorn

NOTE!!  Cook popcorn in 1/4 cup coconut oil, rather than vegetable oil.

1 batch plain popcorn cooked in coconut oil.
1 cup dried cranberries, chopped
1 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup butter, melted
Blood orange olive oil for drizzling

Popcorn should be in a large mixing bowl.

Melt the butter in a medium size mixing bowl. Add the cranberries and walnuts and mix well with the butter. Spoon a little bit of the cranberry nut butter into the bowl of popcorn and gently stir it. Continue to spoon a little bit of the mixture into the popcorn until it’s all incorporated.

Drizzle with blood orange olive oil. Serve in individual bowls, or one large bowl or basket.


S’Mores Popcorn

NOTE!! Cook popcorn in vegetable oil.

1 batch plain popcorn, cooked in vegetable oil
1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1-1/2 cups mini hot chocolate marshmallows (the crunchy kind)
1 – 11.5 oz bag milk chocolate chips
3 tbsp heavy cream

Popcorn should be in a large mixing bowl.

Melt the milk chocolate chips and heavy cream in a microwave safe bowl, on medium high heat for about 30 seconds in the microwave. Remove from microwave and stir. Continue to microwave for about 30 seconds at a time until the chocolate chips have melted and are of drizzling consistency.

Drizzle some of the chocolate over the popcorn, and immediately sprinkle with the graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows, so that the graham cracker and marshmallows stick to the chocolate. Continue to add the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows in small batches, stirring gently until it’s all incorporated.

Let cool, so that the chocolate hardens. Serve in individual bowls or one large bowl or basket.


Maple and Brown Sugar Bacon

NOTE!!! Cook the popcorn in 3 tbsp bacon grease, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Add the brown sugar as soon as you pour the popcorn into the pan. Give it a quick stir, and cover. The brown sugar on the popcorn will seem a little soft to begin with, but as it cools, it will harden into a wonderfully crunchy popcorn!

1 batch popcorn, cooked in bacon grease, vegetable oil, and brown sugar
1/2 pound bacon, cooked crisp, and broken into small bits
1-1/2 cups maple syrup
1 tbsp melted butter

While the popcorn is cooking, mix the maple syrup, butter, and bacon together. You’ll want to pour it over the popcorn while it is still hot, so that the maple syrup and bacon stick. Stir it in gently, until it is fully incorporated.

Let cool completely so that it has a good crunch to the popcorn, and serve in individual bowls or baskets.



82 thoughts on “Popcorn: Our Favorite Three… And Fiesta Friday #14!!

    • Thank you Lily! I’m so happy you stopped by… 🙂 Yes, the maple brown sugar bacon one is definitely one to try. It’s so delicious…and I’m so happy Ryan shared his recipe with me, so that I could share it with everyone!

  1. Did not think it would be possible to photograph popcorn to make it look delicious, but you did it here with the contrast of colors and presentation . . . wonderful! I’ve gotta try the cranberry relish one because my hubby is a cranberry FREAK. What a gorgeous setting for movies, too! I must agree with you (haven’t tried all 3 yet but . . .) I think I’m a maple brown sugar bacon girl!

    • Thank you Sue! I hope you do try it…the cranberry relish one really surprised all of us…we couldn’t believe how delicious it really was!! Oh yeah…that maple brown sugar bacon one… definitely my most favorite!! I love movie night at the winery… there is no doubt that it puts us all in a happy place!

  2. Hilarious, informative and fun! Love this post. I can just picture you salting your head. Movie night outside is the best. What a wonderful setting. We put a movie screen up on the side of our house in the summer and watch movies on all warm summer nights. Your popcorn would make a great addition.

  3. Loving all the different flavors Prudy! Smores popcorn DEFINITELY changed my life when I made it a few months back. It’s seriously addictive. Great post for Fiesta Friday 🙂

  4. I am not a popcorn fan (I know, the blasphemy!), but you made popcorn sound appealing. I’m probably a maple and brown sugar girl out of these three, which all look delicious, Prudy. That outdoor bistro movie setting is fabulous! What a perfect way to relax.

  5. Wow! I can’t believe the number of ways one can pop and enjoy! I’ll have to try some of these soon. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Haha, your description of the popcorn headdress made me laugh out loud….because that’s exactly what I would do! I see we understand each other on eating of popcorn apparel 😉
    We still have some corn kernels left, and it’s a rainy day…popcorn time! This also had to be the perfect food for Fiesta Friday!! 😀

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  8. Prudy, we love popcorn in our house! A bit obsessively, I’m afraid to admit. We keep it pretty simple and always cook it stovetop like you. NO! to microwave popcorn! One of our favorite ways to have popcorn is using chili oil (which I make) and it’s fantastic! No need to even salt it. However, I’m going to insist on making your maple and brown sugar bacon popcorn! And everyone is going to love it and I’m going to tell them who’s idea it is! Happy Friday!

    • I actually broke down the other night and made microwave popcorn. I think my fingers swelled up about five times their size because of the salt!! I just prefer my popcorn made where I can control the oil and salt intake!!
      I hope you make it Seana… let me know what you and the boys think.. ❤

  9. Wow, Prudy…a delicious trio! I haven’t popped real popcorn in years and this looks to be the perfect excuse to jump back on the wagon!

  10. I just looked up the Freedom Winery on the Niagara Wine Trail. A couple of years ago we visited the Niagara wine trail on the Canadian side of the border – just a stone’s throw from where you were. Had a picnic in one of the vineyards, an uber posh dinner at another winery, several tasting tours. Such a memorable experience. But almost better was the incredible gelato shop in the little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake (not to be confused with the incredibly gaudy tacky town of Niagara Falls). Homemade gelato in hundreds of flavours. I digress. The popcorn looks amazing. Party on!!! xo

    • Niagara on the Lake is one of my most favorite places to visit, Lindy. It’s so quaint…so perfect. Catch a play at The Shaw Festival… visit a couple of wineries…and dine in a pretty little restaurant. I’d live there if I could. xoxo

  11. Leave it to you Prudy to gourmetize (yes I just made that word up!) popcorn! All flavors sound amaaaaaaaaazing! That maple bacon popcorn is happening soon here, very soon!! 😀

  12. That’s one proper fiesta, Prudy! Having a drink watching movie outside munching popcorn!? Such a treat even just thinking about it. I also didn’t know popcorn had such a long history! Thanks for lovely post.

    • Hey, if we are going to fiesta..we should do it properly! 🙂 How I wish all of you could come to movie night…you’d love it! And I know, right? Who knew that people thousands of years ago were munching on popcorn?? Isn’t that funny?? 🙂 ❤

  13. Oh I seem to have parked myself by your popcorn at this fiesta! I love popcorn with all kinds of toppings, sweet and savory! I love the sounds of your combination and might break open my coconut oil and give it a go! 🙂

  14. Your post had me laughing out loud. I can just imagine the scene at the party with your wearing a popcorn headdress…too funny. What you didn’t wear must have disappeared quickly by the party people grabbing handfuls of your popcorn. 😀

  15. I’ve just FB’d this with the caption, these must be really good! And I don’t even eat popcorn.
    Seriously, I don’t see the point. Yet, your combination has suddenly changed all that! Love the cranberry relish combo especially. Grief, I’ll be out looking for popable corn tomorrow. 🙂

    • Oh…haha! Johnny… I love it! I hope you find popable corn…and try these combinations. If I had to pick one for you to try, it would definitely be the maple and brown sugar bacon. The cranberry relish is my second favorite… 🙂 You’re so darn cute. lol..

  16. Oh Prudy! These look FANTASTIC! I love the movie night idea too. Just to clarify…the Winery is on the NY side of Niagara isn’t it? We might be up there next month, but on the Canada side. I don’t know how long we’ll stay but I really want my husband to finally visit Niagara…we always plan it but it ever seems to work out. But now I’m dreaming of this wonderful popcorn and would like to whip up a midnight snack…and lets face it, breakfast 🙂

    • Oh wow…I’m so sorry I’m so late in answering your comment! Yes, I’m on the American side… It’s so cool that you’ll be so close to me. I hope that you do get the chance to visit Niagara, and if you do…please go to Niagara on the Lake. It’s one of the prettiest little towns over there.. Let me know when you’re there!! 🙂 ❤

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