Meet my Artist…Marielle Reuser from Miss Beretta Illustration

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I have a new header, and some artwork for my blog today. I want to share the highly talented artist who designed all of this for me…


Click on the image above to go to Marielle’s blog…

I had the honor of working with Marielle Reuser, from Miss Beretta Illustration for the last couple of weeks… and what a delightful and exciting experience it was..

I’m came across Marielle’s blog about two months ago or so…and was totally blown away by her talent. We would comment here and there… and it was a simple “If you didn’t already have a header, I’d love to design yours…” comment from Marielle, that made me say..”Let’s talk”…that got us to where we are, and my blog to where it is today.

And I have to say.. She totally captured my style…and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

Marielle is such a pleasure…and so accommodating, putting up with all of my requests and changes. Always friendly, and always understanding exactly what I was asking for. She never ceased to surprise and amaze me when I opened an email that held drafts, and updates…

I hope that you stop by her website to check out her work. She’s amazingly talented…she’s funny… and so, SO very sweet.

Thank you Marielle…for everything. For your kindness, and for your patience…for the long hours that you put into the drafts, the drawing, painting, updating… and updating…and updating…

I truly, TRULY appreciate everything you did for me…and I couldn’t be happier!!


25 thoughts on “Meet my Artist…Marielle Reuser from Miss Beretta Illustration

  1. I absolutely love it!!!! Kudos to you both. Do you cook in high heels? I have to admit, tomboy that I am at heart, I do love to “get up” in the kitchen for a thrill every once in a while!

  2. Hey Prudy, I saw your new header before I read this post and I was wondering who did that beautiful work for you!! It is so perfect! Thanks for giving us the link to her site!

  3. Wow, Prudy! I LOVE your artwork, it’s so pretty and sassy. I’m kinda jealous, I’ve always wanted to be ‘cartoonized’ with a nifty header like that one. So next thing on my to-do list is to head over to Marielle’s blog and see how she would feel about getting another request 😉

    • Thank you Jess!! I’m so glad to know that everyone loves it as much as I do! I’m so thrilled with Marielle…I hope you do stop by and see her. She’s just talented, and I know that she’d come up with something really awesome for you. You’ll love her. 🙂

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