Ham and Potato Hash


This past Saturday night, I baked what I believe might be the saltiest ham in the history of the world. No. Not the world. The universe.

Alright, yeah..I’m exaggerating… but it was still pretty salty.

You never know what you’re going to get when you buy a ham. Honestly? The good ones are few and far between. We don’t eat it that often, so it’s disappointing when it turns out to be inedible.

Well, I’m exaggerating again.
It was edible.
Just not by itself.
Unless you like to gnaw on a salt lick..
No exaggeration there.

It just turns out that this particular ham needs to be an ingredient, and not the main course as I had planned. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of it leftover, so it will go into soup, scalloped potatoes, or something…


I was able to use a little bit of it up yesterday morning, when I made ham and potato hash.

I was pleased with the way the hash turned out, a little splash of heavy cream gave it a little scalloped potato flair, but without the creaminess. I tend to be very critical of my cooking at times; tasting and adding ingredients until I can get the flavor I’m looking for. After the heavy cream cooked down, I took a taste, and involuntarily said “Mmmm” out loud. I knew it had to be good.

It was good.  In the end, there was no leftover hash…comfort food at its best…I just love it when there’s no leftovers!  That’s when I know I hit it out of the ballpark…

The ham provided just the right amount of salt… so I know it’s going to make a good soup. I’m thinking a bean soup of some sort.. Stay tuned…


Ham and Potato Hash

Serves 4

2 cups cooked ham, cubed
3 large potatoes, cubed
1 onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp fresh parsley, rough chopped
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tsp white pepper
1/4 tsp black pepper
The ham should provide the salt, but if you think you need it, then please add salt to taste
1/2 cup shredded fontina cheese







In a large frying pan, sauté the potatoes, onion, garlic until softened and browned. Add the ham and parsley, and heat through. Add the heavy cream, white pepper, black pepper, and simmer until the heavy cream cooks down (about 10-15 minutes). Remove from heat, add the fontina cheese and stir until melted and blended into the hash.

Serve with your favorite style eggs, and buttered toast.



41 thoughts on “Ham and Potato Hash

  1. I’m going to be making this potato hash without the ham…maybe with mushrooms being vegetarian. But that egg looks seriously amazing… Just want to dip some buttered toast and eat! Brilliant recipe.. I’ll be making this very soon. Thanks for sharing Prudy xxx

  2. Well – that was one perfect way to salvage a salty ham. Good for you. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that! And that hash of yours looks gorgeous. Your blog has had a makeover too…? It looks great. And I just have to say I love that you use the Oxford comma in your title. Brilliant!

    • You know, I was disappointed at first when the ham turned out to be so salty…. but have now realized that it’s a bonus, because I get to make a few different dishes out of one ham!! I think they’re even better than eating the ham alone!
      Thank you! I hope that it’s grammatically correct! I usually try to make sure that everything is correct, but I do slip up!! I should probably take a refresher course!!

      • No refresher course necessary – you used the Oxford comma perfectly!! The best description I ever saw of why we should use the Oxford comma (the comma before the ‘and’) was a real magazine cover that said,
        “Rachel Ray
        her family
        and dogs”
        Poor family and dogs! Commas save lives. SO yes, you had it perfectly.. And only a grammar nerd would care! xo

  3. Deeelish! 🙂 I am pretty hard on myself too, when it comes to cooking. I made scalloped potatoes the other night, got the recipe from a pretty famous food blog and it was a flop! I followed the recipe exact too! Everyone else at the table enjoyed them, but it was not my vision, I guess. I put them on the stove the next morning and pan fried them and they were much better. Oh man I like the look of your ham and potato hash! My kind of breakfast.

    • Isn’t that the truth? I can’t understand why we’re so critical of our own cooking. They’re having a soup competition at our church this weekend, and my husband and Mike are trying to talk me into getting into it. I’m like, “What if I’m not good enough?” They both looked at me like I had just grown an arm out of my head, because the one thing I’m very strong and confident in is making soup!
      I’m quite certain that your scalloped potatoes were fabulous, my love. ❤ Oh, and pan frying them the next day? I'd eat the whole panful. 🙂

  4. I never really understood why this dish was called hash – makes it sound so unattractive. Whereas it is so yum (and apparently beautiful enough to carry off a salty ham)

  5. yes please! i love hash of any kind. my favorite is corned beef hash, but i may just have to give yours a try.

    the fresh parsley is what did it for me on this recipe. i bet that adds just the right amount of herbiness. that fried egg also looks quite delicious…

    • I love hash too! Roast beef being my favorite. Fried eggs…aren’t we all in a love affair with them?! 🙂 My selfishness is so happy you stopped by, Misha…I just stopped by your blog….and holy smokes man!!….. it’s awesome!! I’m glad you stopped by.. 🙂

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