Barbecue Chicken Personal Pizzas

This is a post in which you just might judge me a little bit.

The judgment involves me taking down my Christmas decorations today. Yes. You read this right. I did. I took them all down, and they’re all packed away already.  I know it was way too early, but I had a strong impulse to do it…so I went with it.  I’m really tired, but it feels really good to have it all done.


So, about 3:30 this afternoon, and while I was knee deep in packing up the decorations, Mike comes into the living room and says: “I dreamt last night that you made barbecue chicken pizzas, and they were really good.”  Now, did he really dream that, or was he just hinting around that he wanted barbecue chicken pizzas for dinner? Part of me tends to believe the latter, but that’s ok. It was a good idea, and with some of the ingredients I had on hand, I could pull it off easily.

These personal pizzas are genius. My friend Steve shared this awesome idea this past summer with me when we were talking about easy meals to make after working all day.  They’re especially perfect on a hot day. Steve and his wife use Naan bread, so all you’d have to do is cook the chicken on the grill, and then throw the chicken and cheese on the Naan, and then put them back onto the grill to cook. Don’t feel like cooking the chicken?  Rotisserie chicken is a perfect substitute! Top them with whatever you might have on hand, and you have a great meal that took hardly any time, and very little work!!

Mike’s hint to make these pizzas came at the perfect time.  I was starting to get really tired, and the thought of heading into the kitchen to prepare a meal just didn’t appeal to me. I ran to the freezer, and took out a package of frozen chicken, and a half of a bag of Rhodes frozen roll dough to thaw. While I was rummaging through the freezer for the chicken and dough, I found a baggie of cooked bacon that I tossed in there a few days ago.  Some lettuce, onions, black olives and blue cheese to throw on top? Perfect.

I started preparing these pizzas at 5:30pm, and served them by 6:30pm. It’s now 7:17pm, the kitchen is cleaned up, and I’m sitting here typing this post.  Pretty darn good if you ask me…And the pizzas?  They’re delicious.


Here are the ingredients I had on hand:
Frozen roll dough
Barbecue sauce
Boneless chicken breast
Chopped cooked bacon (Optional)
Shredded cheddar
Red onion
Black olives (Optional)
Blue cheese dressing
Crumbled blue cheese

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces, and cook it in the barbecue sauce in a medium frying pan. Flatten each dough ball, and roll them into flat mini pizza circles.



Three circles fit on one greased cookie sheet.  Spread about a tablespoon of barbecue sauce on the pizza circles. And spoon some of the cooked chicken on top of that.  Sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese on top of the chicken.  Sprinkle some chopped bacon on top of the cheddar.



Bake them at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes until the cheese is melted, and the crust is golden brown.  Top with whatever you might have on hand. I topped them with lettuce, red onion, black olives, blue cheese dressing, and crumbled blue cheese.




17 thoughts on “Barbecue Chicken Personal Pizzas

  1. Good for you!!! I wish I could do the same! Last year my seven year daughter (that we called her majesty) had me keeping the Xmas tree up until Valentine’s Day! People thought we were totally out of our mind! 😉
    There is nothing better that say goodbye to the day with a yummy pizza! Even better if homemade like yours! 🙂

  2. I love these pizza’s. Especially the fresh “salad” type topping. And isn’t it most rewarding to put together a nice meal on the fly…and actually have everything on hand to do so? You are a big step ahead of the game! Good for you! Happy New Year Prudy!

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  4. Yum. I’ve never actually put chicken on a pizza which is kinda weird… I normally go straight for the salami and cheese goodness, possibly with some grilled zucchini and olives. Definitely want to try this BBQ chicken version. Looks so delicious. And good on you for cleaning up the Christmas decorations, I definitely think it’s better to start the new year afresh. Ours are still up but the tree (a live conifer) is looking a bit sad now. I might just follow suit!

    • I’m usually a straight forward pepperoni and cheese kind of girl too, with onions, olives, and mushrooms… and Italian sausage and banana peppers too…. . Loving the grilled zucchini idea… Just one more item to make the slice so heavy, and almost impossible to pick up!! 🙂 That’s ok, that’s what knives and forks are for!!

  5. So, they are seliing pizza naan bread now, just in a round, pizza shape, at wegmans now. Word got out I guess!
    Also, Lauren and I found if we flip the bread and use the bottom as the top we get better results. The bottom is smoother / more uniform, and when we add olive oil, or sauce or whatever the pizza is less soggy. Idk maybe everyone already does this , but if not 🙂

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